28 August, 2009

Episode 14 - Whoa, a new episode!

That's right ladies and gents, a new episode!

Expect detailed show notes some time in the next 24 hours, in the meantime, enjoy my breathy ramblings about socks and such.

No story this time, I'm on vacation and forgot my reading material.

Shownotes! Topics include:

When is a rainbow not a rainbow? When you knit socks out of Mini Mochi yarn!

Cashmere lace scarf update. So sad.

Sock update, of course, including socks made with Lovesticks BFL - I really like this yarn!

Aestlight shawl by Gudrun Johnston

scarf 023

Tip - yes, you can splice superwash sock yarn! Make sure to really press your palms together as you add heat and friction

Where all my knitting time has gone lately - into knitting samples.

Juniper sock yarn - yummy!

Rowan Felted Tweed Aran
- not my bag, baby, nor is the new Spud & Chloe Sweater, though I may not be giving the yarn its due.

News - I ripped out my first sweater!

Movies Recommended: I Capture The Castle & The Edge of Love

I heart the new Fall Rowan Magazine

Check out the new Stitches in Time Podcast group on Ravelry!

Time to get out your Autumnal Colors! I am looking forward to another skein of Knitterly Things self-striping yarn in Trick or Treat!

13 August, 2009


Whoa people! 2 months I haven't podcasted! I do miss it. There have been technical issues. My IT guy (aka boyfriend) hasn't felt like installing the proper systems so that I can run Audacity without it crashing constantly as we are now running Windows 7, and neither have I. So I guess that's technically called laziness. He has promised to have it up and running quite soon so that I can podcast at my home away from home - chez maman. I will be visiting my mommy for a couple of weeks! Yay! So instead of coming to you from the foggy Bay Area, I will be coming to you from the foggy redwoods of Humboldt County. And moving forward, I promise not to make any more promises about podcasting frequency.

[photo courtesy of this guy]

A lot has happened in the last two months. Lace screwups, lots of socks, sweater ripping, and a brief spell at Sock Summit. Thanks for keeping tuned in, hopefully we will be back on our feet quite soon.

06 June, 2009

Episode 13 - A Little Sindbad

In which I read The Second Voyage of Sindbad from The Arabian Nights Entertainments by Andrew Lang

A quick podcast to bring you a quick story.


Belisa Cashmere or see it on Ravelry

My new lace project and a new lace cast on. Check it out!

A new Stitches in Time Podcast group on Ravelry. Come join!

01 June, 2009


Hey All!

I am destashing a quantity of spinning fiber via Ravelry, I appreciate you checking it out. And fellow blogger Jo is broke, and destashing yarn. I'm sure she'll appreciate you surfing over too! Thanks ladies and gents!

29 May, 2009

Episode 12 - Spring Socks!

Stories include: the beginning of The Seven Voyages of Sindbad the Sailor & First Voyage

Listen to the episode


Oh dear, even more socks!

Kai Mei
Sean's funny Opal socks
Lovesticks socks

Sofie's socks:

sofie knits 011

Weezels! Free pattern! Yay!


Check out the Folklore & Fairytales group on Ravelry!

Book reviews, recommended:

Luxury Knitting

Knitting in America

The Mabinogion

Movie review:

Wool 100%
- I enjoyed it, though it is probably not for everyone

Charity donation - Godfrey in Zimbabwe can use your extra yarn, needles and knowledge!

I received my Afghans for Afghans postcard back! Excellent!

Books up on Ebay! Bids starting at $9.99! Sweet! More to come this week, I promise.

As always, click on any picture to enlarge!

28 May, 2009


Finally! Antiquarian books on Ebay! Only 3 up as of this afternoon, but be sure to check back, I have some quirky items to list!

27 May, 2009


Hello there!

Well well well, looks like this is going to be a once a month endeavor after all! In the meantime I just created a group for the podcast on Ravelry, please join! Podcast coming soon, I hope to be recording this Wednesday the 27th.


30 April, 2009

Episode 11 - More Socks!

In which we continue The Arabian Nights Entertainments by Andrew Lang

Stories include: The Story of the Third Calender, Son of a King

Listen to the Episode

Topics Include:


I'm using Opal Crocodile (see my project) (both Ravelry links)

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Heavyweight in Thraven (a Raven Clan colorway)- good for manly socks - squishy, soft, don't felt too much.

Knitting another set of Noro knee-highs!

Discussion of Cascade Fixation (see my first pair of socks) & Claudia's Handpaints for sock yarns - my advice: take a pass. (Ravelry links)

Update! I fixed Sean's mom's green socks.

Cookie A.'s new sock book! Whoo hoo!

Pretty pattern Kai-Mei, & other awesome patterns (Ravelry links)

Awesome new sock book by Stephanie van der Linden
check out the patterns!(Ravelry link)

Other items of knitterly interest:

Thinking of making an Ingenue cardigan with Silky Flamme (Ravelry link)

Knitterly denial - I bought more Silky Flamme! Even though it pills! Oh well, I just like it.

Will you join me in The Great Sweater Rip and Re-knit of 2009? Or am I just nuts?

Spinning thoughts:

In which I talk about spindles, my lovely lichen handspun, spindle-spun yarn, & Ghostworks on Etsy - awesome spindles! Cheap, balanced, long-spinning, pretty to look at! Check out mine on Flickr.

Crazy Monkey on Etsy for crazy yarn & fiber!

Spring Cleaning!

Please check out a bunch of unused or gently worn shoes and clothes I'm putting on Ebay with low prices. All fashion styles represented!

By the end of Friday May 1st I will have the wonderfully quirky illustrations of Alice in Wonderland that I read from up on this site (Stitches in Time show notes) for you to enjoy. The book will also be going up on Ebay. It would make an especially great edition to read from to a child. The pictures are that awesome! Ok, I love books too much! I'm saving this one for myself, but I will make sure to share a book next time that will actually be for sale!

[Click to enlarge]

By the end of Saturday May 2nd I will have a number of beautifully bound antiquarian books also on Ebay, please check back!

Whoops! Time got away from me. I will post a notice when I have some books on Ebay.

Thank you for listening! Let me know if you want to join me in a rip and re-knitalong!

19 April, 2009

Spring Excuses

Oooh, the last 20 days have gone so quickly! This week didn't produce a podcast as I hurried about doing my Spring cleaning in preparation for a visit from my family. Stay tuned, I've got an episode planned for the coming week!

31 March, 2009

Episode 10 - Hooray, it's Spring AND a new episode!

In which we continue The Arabian Nights Entertainments by Andrew Lang

Stories include: The Story of the Second Calender, Son of a King & The Story of the Envious Man and of Him Who Was Envied

Listen to the Episode

Topics Include:

Charity knitting:

The Red Scarf Project & Afghans for Afghans

This year I have knit some hats for Afghans for Afghans

Book Review - Knitting For Peace - do pick it up, either at the library, or your local book shop!

I think I shall have to knit for the Mother Bear Project later this year.

Spring has sprung!

Check out this fabulous free pattern by Knitting Kninja on Popknits! The Day's Eye Hat

What I'm knitting:

The Bubble Pullover by Norah Gaughan - check out the other projects! (This sweater looks great on everyone!)

Using Joseph Galler Peruvian Tweed (Ravelry link)- I like it!

Lace! - I highly recommend the Shetland Tea Shawl from A Gathering of Lace - make sure to get the 2007 edition to avoid as many errors as possible.

Using Cascade Alpaca Lace - a good deal and a nice yarn.

On hold for now - Spanish Peacock Shawl - you can clearly see from the pictures which people lined up the chart and which did not (a spiral effect).

Thanks to Brooke for helping me!

Also recommended - the Ostrich Plumes pattern from the second Barbara Walker Treasury - check out the Treasury Project while you're at it!

A discussion of repetitive lace patterns vs. The Mystic Waters lace shawl

The Knit Kit!

Of general interest: A transparent fish! See it in action.

24 March, 2009

I Feel A Podcast Coming On!

Hello guys! If you've been wanting a podcast, I'm sorry to have been silent for so long. Stay tuned, I've finally got one in the works! February and March went so quickly...

And I really do have a lot of knitting to talk about!

25 February, 2009

Emergency Cast

Go over to the Serendipity blog to check out the raffle of knitterly prizes and see how to donate to the Australian Red Cross

Story includes: "Story of the First Calender" from The Arabian Nights Entertainments by Andrew Lang

A quick knitting update: I finished the Boyfriend Socks! Yay! A fabulous free pattern, great for men and women alike, but especially for knitters.

Listening: The Boob Fairy by Deidre Flint. Because I think it's funny.

Next time - Noro socks, and how my knitting resolutions are panning out...

Helping Others - Public Service Announcement

Hey, knitting peeps of the world - you've probably seen it by now, but if you haven't, you've got 4 days, including today, to get your butt over to Serendipity and check out the backlog of fabulous knitterly prizes donated, not to mention over $19,000 AU in support of the Victorian brush fires. (Need I say more than Sundara, Wollmeise, Amy Butler, Lantern Moon, Artyarns, and Swift to pique your interest?)

I just made a donation, and with the exchange rate, it clocked in at a wimpy $6.41 USD. I definitely felt I could afford that to help out others in need. I, who have lots of yarn, an apartment that is quite intact, and all the food and clothes I could want. (On the other hand, I don't exactly have a job, and haven't gotten paid in a while, so I am watching my dollars. Hence I did not donate more.)

I hope you'll consider making a donation, the raffle ends at 11.59 pm March 1st Melbourne time. I hope you'll consider it, because it would suck to lose everything in a fire. And there are some awesome prizes to be had too.

17 February, 2009

Episode 9 - The Rain

In which I read from Songs of Content by Ralph Erwin Gibbs
"The Three Calenders" from the Arabian Nights Entertainments by Andrew Lang

Does anyone know what a Calender is, as pertains to this story?

Topics Include:


Podcasting frequency - subscribe to the show notes (this blog) to know when a podcast is up!

Knitting updates:

The Boyfriend Socks
Handspun sock yarn update

I'm starting to dye spinning fiber! Check out the link in the sidebar for stitch markers and fiber. Thanks!

I got fabulously cheap yarn storage! These are the jars!
(If you go to Ross make sure to bring your knitting! I did, and so did not go mad.)

Arch shaped sock (Ravelry link) - very cool construction - Click here for a free pdf

Humor: Fail blog, Cakewrecks, The Ugliest Socks in the World (these ones have my vote! so do these!)

Thanks for stopping by!

13 February, 2009

My Lonely Valentine - Mrs. Pepper in Paris

Listen to the Episode

In which I read:

"Mrs. Pepper in Paris" from Moon-Madness and Other Fantasies by Aimée Crocker Gouraud


Lovesticks sock yarn

Ah, the seduction of Noro striped socks!

My mateless socks, resolved! (Though some of them still have problems).

I finished my Rock and Weave socks! Victory!

Check out this reading (by David Barnes) of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - really a great listen!

12 February, 2009

My Sad Valentine - The Dance of the Cobra

Listen to the Episode

In which I read:

"The Dance of the Cobra" from Moon-Madness and Other Fantasies by Aimée Crocker Gouraud

Topics Include:

Quick! Knitpicks is having a sale on Elizabeth Zimmerman books! The sale is over tomorrow, so snatch those titles up now!

Darning socks and thinking about the true value of our materials. Tutorial on darning.

Guide to Self-Sufficiency

Family Trunk Project - Emily is stepping up her design time, check it out!

Contest Winners! Amycakes and Molly the Bean Queen! Thank you to everyone for stopping by, commenting, and listening!

Three Cups of Tea - great audiobook knitting!

My Wicked Valentine - Paula Loved Pearls

Whew, it's been almost a whole month since I was last able to sit down to record. I have only a mini episode for you this time, but better than nothing! I hope you enjoy the Valentine's day tale - don't worry, it's not too sappy!

Listen to the Episode

In which I read:

"Paula Loved Pearls" from the book Moon-Madness and Other Fantasies by Aimée Crocker Gouraud

Topics Include:

My Valentine's day knitting - Boyfriend Socks! (Free pattern)

Made out of cheap, yet enjoyable wool from here

03 February, 2009


Anybody want to trade? One lovely handspun (by me) and handknit (by me) cowl!

A new episode is percolating. I've been busy trying to stay off the internet (as much) and have been knit knit knitting away, finishing up some socks, and doing other activities. I feel a podcast coming soon though! Stay tuned! And thanks for listening!

22 January, 2009

Episode 8 - I'm Blaming it on Mercury

In which we continue The Arabian Nights Entertainments by Andrew Lang

Stories include: The Vizir Who Was Punished & The Young King of the Black Isles

Listen to the Episode

Topics Include:

Mercury was retrograde! I blame everything that didn't seem to go right on it.

Sock Pixie, the conclusion - buy at your own risk, or don't do it during Mercury Retrograde

Julie Spins & Capistrano Fiber Arts- fab customer service - Capistrano F.A. has BEEyouteeful fiber

Malabrigo sock yarn - a review - quite worth it and very beautiful

Wool v. acrylic - I propose that wool is better for baby items, as it will not burst into flames should your house catch fire.

update on my Jitterbug socks - still love!

Spinning wool for my own socks! yay!

My latest plain socks - but they're stripy!

Spindling and sampling - you should try it!

A penannular shawl pin from Designs by Romi - a whole Google page full too!

(this picture by Designs by Romi) This is the one I got! I am very happy with it.

There is still time to enter the contest for either yarn or fiber! Leave a comment listing your resolutions for 2009, knitting, spinning, or otherwise! See this post for pictures. Please leave a comment by January 31 2009 11.59pm to be entered- thanks for stopping by!

09 January, 2009

Episode 7 - Uninspired, Inspired

In which we continue The Arabian Nights Entertainments by Andrew Lang

Stories include: The Story of the Fisherman, The Story of the Greek King & the Physician Douban, The Story of the Husband & the Parrot

Listen to the Episode

Topics include:

Selbu mitten problems

Point Reyes

Tiger Socks - Jitterbug + Cable = LOVE!

Socks for Sean's mom - need to be re-knit, ouch!

Hippocampus Mittens (FREE!)

Freecycle! You can do it too!

Brooke's Baby Blanket Square - Amoeba Sqwush

Comfort knitting - my latest cowl. Would you like to trade for it? Handspun & handknit by yours truly!

I traded for a shawl! Knit your own : Rona pattern.

365 project, see my posts here, inspired by the Happy College Knitter

Beautiful art for a budget! Labokoff on Etsy

* * *

I won a contest! And now you can win one too! Tell me your resolutions for 2009, knitting, spinning, or otherwise, to win either a braid of fiber or a skein of yarn! Sweet! You have till January 31st 2009 11.59 pm Pacific time to enter.

Here is the updated picture of the yarn I will be giving away:

100% wool yarn, 6 skeins of fingering weight. These would be some beautiful colors for colorwork! This is for those wishing to enter for knitting yarn. (100 grams light gray, 100 grams dark gray, 100 grams burgundy.) The yarn seems to be a nice basic yarn. Not cashmere-soft, but nice, and a nice colorwork option.

This is 100% merino from Freckle Face Fibers in Sunspot. (3.8 oz) The picture is from her Etsy shop, and I will update the picture when I have a moment of sun. The colors are not quite as bright and pinky as the picture would have you believe. It is very soft and if you have the Winter doldrums, it should pop you right out of them!

Also, please let me know what you think of my new microphone. Should I revert to the old one?

Please enjoy the artwork for this segment's story of the fisherman. Click to enlarge. Also, please check the notes for the last show for the artwork for those segments.