13 February, 2009

My Lonely Valentine - Mrs. Pepper in Paris

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In which I read:

"Mrs. Pepper in Paris" from Moon-Madness and Other Fantasies by Aimée Crocker Gouraud


Lovesticks sock yarn

Ah, the seduction of Noro striped socks!

My mateless socks, resolved! (Though some of them still have problems).

I finished my Rock and Weave socks! Victory!

Check out this reading (by David Barnes) of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - really a great listen!

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Unknown said...

Hi! I really want to listen to your podcasts, I want to hear you read Moon Madness! Can you post a link to your iTunes podcast? I tried the links but it wanted me to sign in and I don't have an account . . . (sad trumpet)