17 February, 2009

Episode 9 - The Rain

In which I read from Songs of Content by Ralph Erwin Gibbs
"The Three Calenders" from the Arabian Nights Entertainments by Andrew Lang

Does anyone know what a Calender is, as pertains to this story?

Topics Include:


Podcasting frequency - subscribe to the show notes (this blog) to know when a podcast is up!

Knitting updates:

The Boyfriend Socks
Handspun sock yarn update

I'm starting to dye spinning fiber! Check out the link in the sidebar for stitch markers and fiber. Thanks!

I got fabulously cheap yarn storage! These are the jars!
(If you go to Ross make sure to bring your knitting! I did, and so did not go mad.)

Arch shaped sock (Ravelry link) - very cool construction - Click here for a free pdf

Humor: Fail blog, Cakewrecks, The Ugliest Socks in the World (these ones have my vote! so do these!)

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