09 January, 2009

Episode 7 - Uninspired, Inspired

In which we continue The Arabian Nights Entertainments by Andrew Lang

Stories include: The Story of the Fisherman, The Story of the Greek King & the Physician Douban, The Story of the Husband & the Parrot

Listen to the Episode

Topics include:

Selbu mitten problems

Point Reyes

Tiger Socks - Jitterbug + Cable = LOVE!

Socks for Sean's mom - need to be re-knit, ouch!

Hippocampus Mittens (FREE!)

Freecycle! You can do it too!

Brooke's Baby Blanket Square - Amoeba Sqwush

Comfort knitting - my latest cowl. Would you like to trade for it? Handspun & handknit by yours truly!

I traded for a shawl! Knit your own : Rona pattern.

365 project, see my posts here, inspired by the Happy College Knitter

Beautiful art for a budget! Labokoff on Etsy

* * *

I won a contest! And now you can win one too! Tell me your resolutions for 2009, knitting, spinning, or otherwise, to win either a braid of fiber or a skein of yarn! Sweet! You have till January 31st 2009 11.59 pm Pacific time to enter.

Here is the updated picture of the yarn I will be giving away:

100% wool yarn, 6 skeins of fingering weight. These would be some beautiful colors for colorwork! This is for those wishing to enter for knitting yarn. (100 grams light gray, 100 grams dark gray, 100 grams burgundy.) The yarn seems to be a nice basic yarn. Not cashmere-soft, but nice, and a nice colorwork option.

This is 100% merino from Freckle Face Fibers in Sunspot. (3.8 oz) The picture is from her Etsy shop, and I will update the picture when I have a moment of sun. The colors are not quite as bright and pinky as the picture would have you believe. It is very soft and if you have the Winter doldrums, it should pop you right out of them!

Also, please let me know what you think of my new microphone. Should I revert to the old one?

Please enjoy the artwork for this segment's story of the fisherman. Click to enlarge. Also, please check the notes for the last show for the artwork for those segments.



Sarah said...

New Year's resolutions . . . yikes! In general, I am trying to be a better person. Specifically, I will be nicer to people I don't like, more patient with those I love and less judgemental. I know I can do it. Thanks!

Heather said...

I am attempting to find the beautiful in the mundane. Which means paying attention to what is right in front of me. Harder to accomplish than it sounds.

teabird said...

My resolutions are centered (as it were) in mindfulness - knitting resolutions include mastering cables (so I don't break into a cold sweat every time I knit them), learning toe-up heels, and mastering entrelac. Oh, and knitting 100 pairs of socks (to reduce my stash...)

Either microphone is fine!

teabird on Ravelry

Hilary said...

I finally had the chance to listen to this episode! I tend to agree with you about the self-portrait 365 project.

Resolutions...well, I'm trying to find more joy in things and less to complain about. Knitting-wise, my goal is to write up either full patterns or at the least pattern notes for all of my designs from last year as well as to knit the Seeded Cables Cardigan from Sensual Knits. We'll see how it goes.

I didn't notice too much difference between the microphones...both sound good to me!

Amycakes said...

Gee wiz! I really like this podcast. The stories have been very entertaining and the knitting and spinning bits have really helped me expand my fibery parameters. Thanks for taking the time and making the effort!

After blabbering about the podcast to the guys at work, they convinced me that it would be silly not to enter the contest. So, although I'm typically an introvert, here are my now semi-secret resolutions:

1. to not be the most clumsy dancer in my adult beginner ballet class, and especially to avoid the puzzled looks from my instructor and the questioning of what I'm doing with my legs

2. to finish a dang sweater and really put it together despite mattress stitch syndrome

3. sappiest of all, to be more thankful for everthing life offers, more accepting, less questioning and very genuinely thankful