12 February, 2009

My Sad Valentine - The Dance of the Cobra

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In which I read:

"The Dance of the Cobra" from Moon-Madness and Other Fantasies by Aimée Crocker Gouraud

Topics Include:

Quick! Knitpicks is having a sale on Elizabeth Zimmerman books! The sale is over tomorrow, so snatch those titles up now!

Darning socks and thinking about the true value of our materials. Tutorial on darning.

Guide to Self-Sufficiency

Family Trunk Project - Emily is stepping up her design time, check it out!

Contest Winners! Amycakes and Molly the Bean Queen! Thank you to everyone for stopping by, commenting, and listening!

Three Cups of Tea - great audiobook knitting!

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Emily said...

Thanks for the mention, lady! I enjoyed the show. :-)