06 October, 2008

Episode 1 - The Beginning

When you click on the link "listen to the episode" it'll give you a list of players to choose from, I recommend Real Player, VLC Media Player, or Quick Time. It will take a few minutes to load at the moment, 5-10 depending on how laden your computer is and your internet speed. Just be patient. When it's ready, the player should pop open and it'll either start playing or it'll let you click "play."

Listen to the Episode

In which I read to you from
Wanted ~ A Chaperon by Paul Leicester Ford
to page 24


- Fairisle knitting

- My current wips

- Crystal of Boll Weaver Yarns

- Harlot Pictures of my Bumble Bee Sock at Copperfield's Books in Santa Rosa

- Shibui Sock Yarn

- My first fleece from the California Wool & Fiber Festival

- Unicorn Power Scour

- How DOES one pronounce a number in a word? Sockpr0n's inspiring fleece post.

- Article Pract

- A Verb for Keeping Warm

- Rock & Weave Sock pattern (see them on Ravelry!) and see mine

(apologies for giggling over my odd pronunciations of Ms. A. Karen Alfke's surname - I am laughing at myself here. I have the tendency to always laugh when I shouldn't - when people fall down, if there is some tragic event - it's just misplaced hysteria and how I manifest being uncomfortable, but it comes off that I'm a mean person. I'm not really. Not too much, anyways.)

- Turn of the Screw on Craftlit


If you are going to be around your computer, you should be able to listen to the podcast from your computer. I will be uploading it to I-tunes and doing more with it, but if you feel like listening now, you can!

Artwork by Howard Chandler Christy. Click to enlarge.

" 'Oh, must you, aunty?' wailed Lydia"

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