29 October, 2008

Halloween Episode! - Bloodsuckers

Sadly, I have a cold. I am not going to put you through my sniffles and stuffed-up-ed-ness! One person having to do so is enough. However, I did want to share some Halloweenyness with you, so enjoy these links! Perhaps if I'm lucky, I will be able to entice a guest reader for a Halloween story. In the meantime...

Recommended viewing:

The Lost Boys - it just doesn't get any better than this old vampire movie, 80s style. Of course the effects are totally obvious to eyes of the new millennium, but this story has heart and soul, like no other vampire movie since. Besides, it's just cool, and there's some awesome music. Bonus - if you like Keifer Sutherland, you get to see him in all his baby-fat glory! Who knew fangs could be so hot?!

For something a little creepier - check out Bram Stoker's Dracula. Winona Ryder is beautiful, they twist it up with an interesting love story, and if you're alone at home and the light is right, it might creep you out quite a bit.

For the little ones, don't forget It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! This is a fabulous classic that I wouldn't mind watching again myself. Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Halloween - need I say more?

And for kids a bit older, it may be time to break out The Nightmare Before Christmas. It's suitably creepy at times, with more mature themes and ideas, but still fun! 15 years later and it's time for a whole new generation to enjoy it!

Of course, Buffy, Angel, and the Anne Rice books make good viewing or reading any time! And, I haven't yet read them, but as The Twilight Series is about vampires - who can resist?

I must recommend this Etsy shop to you - Loopy Boopy specializes in what she calls "creepy art dolls." And aren't they creepy?! I love them, and maybe you will too. Doesn't everyone need a little vampire or zombie on her shelf?

If you need some self-striping sock yarn for the season, there is Vesper Yarn, as I have mentioned approximately 5 million times previous, but check out Kavatar0 on Etsy. You might find what you're looking for! I believe she also takes custom orders.

Speaking of knitting - for those of you on Ravelry who need a creepy sock - check out the new sock pattern by the Bay Area's own Chewyknits! The Gardener will freak you out if you've got arachnophobia like I do, and will give you hours of knitting pleasure. Bonus, it's free!

And even more hours of knitting are in this shawl - Dracula's Bride is huge and very goth-making. Make sure to check out the inspiring projects on Ravelry!

If you need stitch markers, Etsy is the place to go! Pumpkins, skulls, witches and candy corn, oh my! I find that nothing gets me in the mood quite like candy corn stitch markers.

Hallowig is a great way to make your own Halloween costume, and check out The Anti-craft for always creepsome desgins - knitting, crochet, cooking, beading; they've got it all out there. It may really pay off to visit their back issues too.

Something a little more cute than creepy to check out for you crocheters - Creepy Cute Crochet.

Don't forget to read the original Dracula by Bram Stoker - wow, what a master of horror he was! My boyfriend read the first chapter aloud to me, and really, if ever a book was meant to be read aloud, this is it. Perhaps you can get some friends together one dark and stormy night and scare the pants off each other! I myself have never read the whole book through, it scared me too much. Perhaps I'll get through it this time?

And there's nothing to get you into the mood like music! Check out the soundtrack from Queen of the Damned for your sexy nouveau vampire self, or the Doomed station on Somafm - as they note, it is the perfect music for tortured souls. (By the way, please consider a donation to Somafm, no matter how small. They're in the hole, as they depend entirely upon donations for their funding, and if you value commercial-free radio, it's something to consider. More info on that here. It is an amazing, free station, you can listen to it anywhere in the world, at any time, day or night, 365 days a year. I (personally) think that deserves a buck!)

And what else is Halloween about, if not the gateway of abundance and good food? For some fabulous Fall recipes, check out the latest edition of Cook's Illustrated. I have recently fallen in love with this magazine - I adore how they take a recipe and make it as perfect as they possibly can!

I hope you have a safe, fun, and fabulous Halloween! Also, please remember to be safe crossing streets with your trick or treaters, and if you have pets, please keep them securely inside on Halloween night. Strange noises and tricksters may abound, and it's better to have a restless pet for one night than a disappeared pet in the morning.

*Photos from Loop Boopy shop on Etsy.

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