08 November, 2008

Episode 4 - A Happy Ending & WOMEN!

Yay, audio issues resolved!

Listen to the Episode - I will be uploading the episode to I-tunes Sunday at the latest. If you'd like to listen now and will be around your computer, click the link!

In which we finish Wanted ~ A Chaperon by Paul Leicester Ford

What is a lambrequin?

Does anyone know what a "rubber sandwich" meant? I have looked and looked on the interwebs, to no avail. If you can tell me, I'd be most delighted!


- The ITV Digital Monkey pattern - pdf link - Ravelry link -

- Monkee Maker website

- I won a Monkee!

- Still chuggin' on the Bumblee Bee Socks (Ravelry link)

- Mystic Waters shawl (Ravelry link here) - good for beginners! I'm knitting one.

- Lifelines

- Silky Flamme update

- Wisp!

- Kidsilk Night

- Saartje's Booties (Ravelry link) (pdf) & Mods (Ravelry link)

- Christine's Stay On Baby Booties (Ravelry link)

- Dale of Norway, Baby Ull

- Anastasia Socks (Ravelry link) - see my modded socks (Ravelry link)

- I spun a little on election night (click to enlarge)

- Roving from Funky Carolina - excellent customer service, pretty things!

- Hammering out the pronunciation of Bohus - thanks to the Yarniad!

- A funny little book - readings from Little Journeys to the Homes of Famous Women

- Yes, Elbert was a man!

- Madame Guyon (click to enlarge image)

- A Post Script - The Duchess

Enjoy the show!

. . .

"'You've never drunk champagne before?' he inquired"

" 'Oh, aunty,' cried the girl, springing to her feet"

"He . . . took up the little vase of violets, and raised them to his face"

" 'But he asks if he may call,' Lydia reminded her aunt"

Artwork by Howard Chandler Christy. Click to enlarge.

Listener Incentive:

Say hello to Fluffy! If you feel the need to take him (or her) home, leave me a comment! I'll randomly choose a winner to be announced for the November 22 podcast. So you've got until Thursday November 20th to leave a comment! If you need your own right now, you can visit the maker's Etsy shop. Won't it be cute hanging out in your yarn balls, or being played with by your kids?

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