25 November, 2008

Episode 5 - An Ending & A New Beginning

In which I finish the story of Madame Guyon

and start The Arabian Nights Entertainments as selected and edited by Andrew Lang

Knitting content starts 35 minutes into the show in case you get bored with the story of Madame Guyon, I know I did! What a weird little story that was! And I totally butchered the pronunciation of the Seine. I don't know why I did that, I used to have a really good French accent. My excuse is that reading this story was laborious for me and I wasn't paying attention. Sorry.

Listen to the Episode


Crest on Consumer Affairs & my experience

I finished the Bumble Bee Socks!

Anastasia Sock

Knitter's Book of Finishing

The result of my trip to Carolina Homespun in search of a spindle

Bosworth Spindles (see mine on Flickr)

Julie Spins sock yarn

Knitting Socks With Handpainted Yarn book

No one wanted Fluffy! So I re-homed him.

Heath problems induced by sugar & my better health

Twist Collective! I heart the Vivian & Sylvi patterns

Bill's Dinner

True Blood

Anew nail buffing system - or get it cheaper!

Cover Girl Boundless Color nail polish & Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails topcoat - I wore this polish for 2 weeks and not one chip! Amazing! I've been wearing nail polish for over a decade, and this is the best I've experienced.

Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

. . .

Enjoy the stories! As always, click to enlarge any picture!

Scheherazade, Dinarzade, and the Sultan

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